Tuesday, November 11, 2008


100 x 100m Oils on canvas

Something to tide you over while I am working on the large Nepal paintings. This is one of my seldom oil paintings. The woman integrates a feeling of calm and centeredness that I can only call "Tranquility." Do you know that experience of being one with yourself and the universe?
totally relaxed in the here and now. Imagine feeling that way everyday for the rest of your life!

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Rolf Schmelzer said...

Yeah, I know that feeling very well here&now in Nepal. What You write, dear Ray, is what I experience almost every single day and it feels so great. For xample: I was standing under the milky way the other day to get some of the orphans into a van for a little trip uphill in Pokhara early in the morning at 5 o' clock in the tranquility of Pokhara before sunrise. When they had left I looked up and saw the ORION directly above me and in that very moment I was looking deep into the universe a huge shooting star was shooting exactly throug the belt of my favourite star sign : ) - I felt so connected and kissed by the universe! And HAPPY! - Some more happyness You might find here: http://www.hahajuhu.blogspot.com

One of our Orphan Homes in Pokhara Ray and Cordula are painting for You find here: http://www.youngmountainnepal.blogspot.com