Friday, July 18, 2008


Acrylics on wood 18 x 24cm
150 Euros

Here I am once again playing with the light. Some people say that I paint hyper - realistic and I say no! I paint realistic impressions. This is what my eyes see outside the original image whether it be a photo or Plein Air or a sketch. Anyway this piece is dedicated to my very good friend Carlos Salgado who was in my gallery yesterday as I was working on this painting. On seeing the paintings for "Hope for the Children" he was so moved by the intensity that he straight away decided to bid for "Puna - The eyes of Nepal".

This is what this World needs, more intensity, passion and the willingness to help others, especially the children.

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Rolf Schmelzer, NEPAL said...

Dear "Ray of Hope: ; ), yeah that's what I see in Your paintings as well! Since I know the original pictures for "Hope For The Children" I can say watching Your paintings: You see so much outside the original photo - and INSIDE! Awesome. That makes Your paintings - as I believe - so strong and touching. Emotional! I am happy that our paths crossed via XING ; ) Rolf, Kathmandu in the monsoon.

P.S. And I am happy that Carlos Salgado did bid for PUNA : )))