Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Acrylics on wood 18 x 24cm
150 Euros

Here is the daily painting for today. another one of those very special still lifes that would look fantastic hanging on your kitchen wall. Let me also remind you to take a look at our Nepal Art Project there are now two paintings and a third one will be posted in the near future. Bidding has started for the two paintings and we aim to continue the auction into middle of August. Everybody can bid and I can send the paintings, worldwide without a frame in a padded envelope. While painting these pieces I couldnt help thinking about how easy it is for us, here in a modern world to be able to help these children. But why do we not do it? Maybe because we are too busy with running our own lives or are going through a difficult period, or think, how do we know that this money is really going to Nepal? etc. Take a few minutes and contemplate how the lives of these children will change if they have the possibility of going to school to learn how to read and write and plan their own future, see the smiling faces full of hope and curiosity and ask yourself once again "How can I help?"
Let me also thank my artist friend Edward Gordon from Berlin for his support in this project.

Have a great and colourful day.


thinman said...

this painting is really, really awesome. I love this colour, this power in itself. Great art!!!

Ray Wilkins Professional Artist said...

thank you for your compliment sir.
and have a colourfull day

thinman said...

You´re welcome, Sir! ;-)
And you´re right about what you say about the children at Nepal. I agree. If we´d all do a little for children anywhere in the world, there´s hope for every child. A little stone by anyone causes a landslide in the end, doesn´t it?!
Lots of success with your benefit project!